Friday, 8.7.09

"PASSION: There are some things in life that catch your eye, and then, there are those that capture your heart. Pursue those. "~Mary Grace

this was one of my TOP favorite quotes from when i was a child & most definitely the way i choose to live my life today. therefore, it isn't odd to me that when i met Kimberly Leclercq during our podcast interview for Voices of Detroit, it didn't take more than a millasecond for my heart to feel completely 'captured' by her cause, voice & passion with ADOPT MORE.

since then, Kimberly & i have connected and partnered in an incredibly passionate pursuit of creating more positive awareness about the beauty that is adoption. there are many exciting things on the horizon & if you are a regular reader of my blog, you will most likely remember reading about ADOPT MORE in some recent blog posts.

below are some of my fave images from our first ever ADOPT MORE photo shoot!! appropriately enough, Aeson, Kimberly's cutie-patootie son (whose adoption was finalized in 2008 from Guatemala) is the 'spokesperson' for ADOPT MORE.

as always, if you would like to see even more photographs, be sure to check out the slideshow at the end of this post!

Kimberly & Aeson,,, i just ADORE you both. words could never truly describe how much happiness you have already brought to my world & heart. i cannot wait to see where this all goes.... and am thrilled to have such amazing new friends in my life. thank you for being beautyFULL, wonderFULL YOU!!! with so much love always ~ ksen

***WARNING :: you are about to view an overload of CUTENESS below!!!

without further ado,,, please meet Aeson :

Aeson having fun with his Mom :

there is an indescribable feeling i get when i see this photograph,,, a definite top favorite from our session :

their connection is truly one-of-a-kind :

completely out of the blue, Aeson went over & hugged this tree. my heart melted just a bit right then & there :

trust me,,, i have told Kimberly on one or more occasions that she needs to stop feeding him all those 'cute-pills' because he is getting to the verge of cuteness explosion!!!

i just love the series below with Kimberly tickling Aeson...

happiness =

he was such a good boy that we ended the shoot with a scrumptious visit to the Cupcake Station in Birmingham :

i love everything about this image :

i *heart* this series, too :

thanks again Aeson!!! you ROCK & i just think the world of you.

simply ***CLICK HERE!!!*** to view the slideshow & see more photographs from the shoot!
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