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  Thursday, 6.25.09

it's that time of year again! i was nominated as one of Detroit's top businesses in the WDIV's Vote "4 the Best" Guide for Best Photographer!

last year with your vote, love & support i placed 2nd & feel incredibly honored to be nominated again.

if you enjoy my work & artistic style, or have worked with me and enjoyed the experience & images captured, I kindly ask you to please take just a moment to vote for me!!!

simply CLICK HERE TO VOTE! they will send you an email to confirm your vote, as well -- make sure to do that so that your vote counts!!

it is MOST greatly appreciated!!! you can also leave a comment once your vote is placed if you would like to! : )

a huge, big THANK YOU, thank you! i am thrilled to see what may come of this nomination this year due to your help, vote & support!

with love, heart & gratitude always,


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