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  Thursday, 6.25.09

it was january 1st, of the year 2000. i sat in an airport surrounded by the love of my parents & three best friends. my insides were a mix between that feeling of your first day back to school after summer vacation to a first date where you didn't know what to expect.

i was about to board a plane & travel to a magical, wondrous land called Italy for a study abroad program. i had no idea what lay ahead for me there, but i knew i had to go. if you recall the year 2000 was the year that many were afraid computers would crash because they weren't calculated to work past 1999. therefore, there were many speculations that planes would go haywire due to this numerical error.

i will never forget getting on the plane that evening... it was almost empty. i had no one sitting next to me so when the plane took off, i pushed up the arm rests, said a prayer & literally fell asleep laying down. i just wanted to get there....

looking back, i can hardly remember the fear that really lived in my heart at that moment. in fact, it almost makes me chuckle. i don't remember the fear because it is drowned completely with far too many happy moments & memories from my entire experience. a couple weeks ago, i stumbled across my journal that i bought & kept while in Italy. it was one of those moments where your heart literally pauses & lets out a sigh of great nostalgia,,, or what i like to call a 'nostalgic heart sigh'.

i actually have more i would like to write about the journal but today, i am using it more so as a metaphor. i look at this journal filled with love, happiness, adventure -- a collection of thoughts in my own artsy way. a journal that would of never existed if i hadn't had followed my heart which drove me to Italy despite any fear that my mind encountered.

i find coming across the journal recently to be a reminder of not ever knowing when life will throw you those unexpected 'nostalgic heart sighs'..... but when it does, it will serve as a reminder of how great life really is. ....that you just never know what to expect next & to always, always appreciate all the 'small' stuff.

the other day i had another 'nostalgic heart sigh' moment. i realized that i had reached over 2000 comments on my wee lil' ol' blog here! it made me think back to a time where i daydreamed about how great it would be to be able to interact with other people through my artwork & life on a day to day basis. it was a time where i never dreamed of any comments, let alone 2000 of them! once again, i was SO grateful for listening to my heart & not be driven by fear.

in appreciation of 2000 & my incredible gratitude to those who choose to comment & share their thoughts on my blog, i have a fun little something to give to my 2000th commenter! ironically enough, that happens to be Chelsea from the post below!!!!

Chels, i have said this before to you & i will say it again -- thank you. thank you for always taking the time to comment. i feel beyond blessed to have such positive, heartfelt encouragement & support of my work. you (& Dan) are AMAZING... & i do not say this lightly! expect a sweet something in your inbox soon.

a most happy wednesday's whimsy beauts!



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