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  Tuesday, 5.5.09

i first met Kimberly Leclercq when we did our podcast interview for Voices of Detroit. it was by chance that we met that afternoon,,, but was it by chance for all that was to follow?

i am a believer of 'things happening for a reason' as many of you know... however, i am also a believer of actually 'showing up' for all the things that you are supposed to do in your life. it is wonderful to talk about dreams & wants, but even better when you start putting them to action.

since our initial introduction, Kimberly & i have taken some time to get to know each other better. i can honestly say she is one incredible woman who is passionate about a cause that is so very important -- adoption. as i had mentioned once before on this blog, she is the founder of Adopt More. if you just take a moment to glance over her website, i think you will be very surprised as to the statistics of adoption these days to our ever-growing population. i have always known that i would like to adopt some day, however i was most definitely shocked to hear the reality behind how many children need our help. to say that it pulled on my heart strings would be an understatement... more like tugged away at them.

i could easily go on & on in regards to the topic of adoption & how it can be your first choice,,, however i will leave that for another post (trust me, there is more to come! ). today, though, i wanted to spotlight Kimberly's incredible book You are my baby. I am your mommy. Kimberly wrote & illustrated this truly ah!mazing book which was inspired by a letter written to her baby. as it states on her website, "in that moment of clarity she didn't know how or when she was going to have a child, she just knew." i am sure many of us can certainly relate to this innate feeling.

i just picked up my copy a week ago -- i was blown away by her talent & words. i thought this would be such a great idea as a mother's day gift considering mother's day is just around the corner,,, so of course, i had to blog about it! as described on her here, "You are my baby, I am your mommy is a vibrantly illustrated children's book for any woman who has experienced excitement and hope mixed with heartache and challenges on the long road to becoming a mommy." --- talk about a perfect, creative & sentimental gift to a mother!

another most awesome part is that 20% of the proceeds goes to Across All Borders which supports orphans in Guatemala.

below is a photo i snapped of her book, as well as a more detailed fact sheet!

you can check out her website here!

stay up to date on all the latest on her blog.

Kimberly is also the uber talented designer, co-founder & co-owner of Sozo Pivotal.... so it is no wonder where the artistic illustrations in her book came from!

happy, happy tuesday!

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