Wednesday, 4.29.09

yesterday,,, i was feeling something like this :

yet today,,, i am feeling more like this :

both 'feelings' are beautiful in their own way, yet so very, very different in their own right. today has been one of those 'thinking' days (as if every day is not for me, ha!). however, today in particular has felt almost consumed in thought. i have had this post on my mind to write all day,,, and yet now, i am almost at loss for words. funny how that happens...

but i am compelled to write. it is on my heart today. one thing that has been on my mind in particular is my 'eleven months left' post that i posted at the beginning of February. can you even believe that May is just a day away? how is it that we now are at 8 months left? are you living your days to the potential of what is in your heart?

i am happy to say that i have been. i only hope to continue on this way even when things are beyond the normal 'busy'... but somehow,,, i think i will. there is something about 2009,,, or maybe something about turning 30 this year (still have to get to writing up that post!), or maybe just something in the air we breathe --- but my eyes, body, mind & heart are wanting even more to explore, taste & embed this thing we call 'life'! i am taking the time to stop & listen to what it is that my spirit needs & giving back to those who need more.

i am realizing more than ever that less, is truly MORE. materialistic things will never make our hearts genuinely happy... the time you spend with your loved ones, and with yourself WILL.

honestly, there is so much on my heart & mind right now that i could easily go on & on, however i will not bore you with more of my cluttered thoughts. i will however ask you, on this spring-fall-ish wednesday, to share your thoughts with someone today. your thoughts are so very important.... i feel that all too often we hold our thoughts in, when sharing them could be the key to the next grand adventure.

what are your thoughts today?

on another note, i have had a few people tell me that they miss my weekly wednesday's whimsy. in fact, just last week my dear, sweet friend Aya gave me one of the most intense 'YES's' after i asked her if she, too, missed my wednesday's whimsy.

right there & then, i decided i would try to bring it back, as well as still continue to post more often throughout the week. with that promise, i asked her if she had seen the youtube video called 'Validation' that i had posted a couple of weeks ago on my Facebook page. Aya replied with a curious 'no?!', so i decided i would post it today, as well, so that those of you who might not have seen it would have a chance to.

Validation' (below) is something beyond wonderFULL. it is worth every second of it's 16-ish minutes. i highly advise taking a 'lunch' or 'snack' or 'anything really' break in your morning, afternoon or night to check it out below.... it is guaranteed to make you smile. it also made me think a lot about how much impact one single person can make in this world...
a most happy, happy day to you.

with great love & appreciation,

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