wppi recap :: 2009

  Saturday, 2.21.09

as you know, i am back from being out of town & had yet another great time at WPPI! it was a non-stop, walk all over the place three day adventure filled with such great inspiration, laughter & friends.

last year, i barely took any photographs (i know, shocking for me!!!). however, you are always so on the go that surprisingly, you don't think to take as many photographs with your camera as you do with your mind... if that makes any sense!

however, i promised myself i would attempt to take at least a few more this year to share & to remember the trip by. of course, i am glad i did.

below are some images that i took with my handy dandy point 'n' shoot (so pardon the quality) & then when you get to the second half with my experience with Jasmine Star, those were all taken with my professional camera (canon 5d mkII for those photogs out there that might want to know).

all in all, the trip was insightful, invigorating & left me with a brand new plethora of ideas stirring within. a quote i gained from the trip was :

'fear is the little darkroom where negatives are developed.'

this particular quote touched me & made me nod my head repeatedly in the 'yes it is' type of motion mainly because it amazes me how much 'fear' can truly run our lives. if it wasn't for fear, i probably would have gone completely on my own, business wise, when i was 20. granted, i am sooooo glad & grateful i eventually took 'the jump' & overcame it. however, i feel it definitely doesn't hurt to constantly be reminded of how much that tiny four-letter-word can run your life.... if you let it.

so friends, here's to another beautyFULL, fearless year of grand adventure, happiness & success in whichever way you measure success to be.

first up, a pic of one of my best girlfriend's Em (if you follow the blog, Em is probably a somewhat familiar face to you ) & i on the first night there :

from left to right my sweet & talented roomies, Heather Essian, Kari Crowe, Em Reichert-Torhorst & yours truly :

Heather & i 'zoolandering' it out :

another pic of Heather & i, with the bonus of Kyle Barnes being, well, himself. definitely makes this pic even better!

the truly fabulous Anne Ruthmann with Em & i. i her :

i could stare at the lions at the MGM for hours. they are such magnificent creatures.... i SO wish i could go in there & cuddle right up next to one. what i found so interesting, as well, is that their environment is sound & smell proof,,,, and they also have a set of 12 lions that they rotate every day. the temperature & humidity in their environment is around 75 degrees, too, which makes it an ideal place for them. another interesting fact is that it cost a total of $9 million to make!

these are all with my point'n'shoot, as mentioned before, so the quality isn't the best. i found the top left image of the female lion's body to be so interesting... she is lying against glass, however i feel she slightly resembles an underwater creature of sorts in that photograph! just something different :

me & my roomies again on my last full day there :

apparently Kari was a bit hungry

on Tuesday morning, i had the great honor to work with the awesome Jasmine Star amongst about 19 other talented photographers. we started the shoot at 6:45am sharp.... it was a truly glorious morning & hands down the best part of my trip. below are some of my favorites :

Jasmine Star doing her thang :

the 'they-should-be-models' like couple, Jaclyn & Mark were such naturals for never having had professional photographs taken of them!! Jaclyn also happens to be a very talented (& sweet ) photographer based in Kansas!

looove this series :

that early morning light was just so yummy!

seriously, they are outta-control cute :

a definite top fave from the morning :

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