happy vday .&. out of town!

  Sunday, 2.15.09

my day was so busy yesterday that i didn't get around to post a most happy Valentine's day to you all! although i always feel that celebrating a random Tuesday is just as important, i do have a love for all holidays, as well. i hope your day was magical, love-filled, & SWEET. as i hope every one of your days are.

i also wanted to let you that i will be out of town starting today, Sunday February 15th until late Wednesday, February 18th. i will be attending the annual WPPI, which stands for Wedding & Portrait Photographers International, that i attend every year in Las Vegas. WPPI is a tradeshow & convention that allows me as a photographer to stay up-to-date on the newest & latest products offered, as well as learn, share & be even more inspired for a brand new year! it is a ginormous convention filled with professional photographers from all around the world -- i feel incredibly blessed to be able to be a part of it again!

due to my busy schedule, i will be bringing work with me to edit in the in-between-moments. however, i will not have great access to the internet (if any at all!). therefore, please feel free to email me & if i have the ability, i will get back to you. otherwise i will most certainly be getting back to all emails upon my return! thank you in advance for your patience.

in honor of traveling, i leave you with this image that i snapped through my car window on my way up north to Caseville last summer. i will never forget the sky that evening. i *heart* the feeling & memory to this image so much :

and in honor of Valentine's Day,,, a holiday i cannot help but appreciate being that everywhere you turn you see 'heart-somethings' & brilliant shades of pink! here is some sweetness from me to you!

with love, heart & gratitude,

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