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  Monday, 4.30.07

so the spring wedding season has begun & i thought it would be good to post up a few things to keep in mind for your BIG day photography wise & in general, wedding day wise! so here are a few... : )

*i always tell all my brides that it is important to put someone you can count on in charge on your wedding day! this is the "go-to" person... someone that people can ask questions regarding arrangements, set-ups, deliveries that are going on that day -- someone who makes sure everyone stays on track! your job as the bride that day (after how many months of planning!!?) is to just relax, enjoy, get pampered & savor every single moment. the saying that "the day flies by" is most definitely true, so make it last every ounce it can!

* if I am meeting you at a hotel room for your getting ready location, it is a good idea to have your maid of honor or that someone who you put in charge, to call me & let me know the room number you'll be staying in!

*having your flowers delivered to your getting ready location if possible is always a great idea so that when everyone is dressed, we can get some great before shots with your bouquet, the bridesmaids with theirs, etc.

*remember! not every single thing is going to go exactly as planned, however those are the fun anecdotes you will look back on, talk & laugh about for years to come! It is the unplanned & unrehearsed moments that happen that make your wedding memories that much more special.... and I am there to capture them for you!

*lastly... & of course, try your hardest to get plenty of sleep the night before so that you feel well-rested & full of energy (although, i highly doubt you won't be! ; ) ).

more tips to come! hope you enjoyed these. : )
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