Monday, 12.8.08

you might recall a post earlier this year about my very dear friend Eli... well, on July 5th, her & her husband, Jon, welcomed their little guy, Silas Robert, into the world, weighing a whopping 8lbs 12 ounces & 21 & 1/2 inches long! i finally had the pleasure to document this little bundle of love this past fall & am so happy to be able to share these images with you all. he is beyond cute & FULL of life, love & the most awesome expressions. below are some of my top favorites from the session... as well as a slideshow with even more photos posted at the very end!

Eli, Jon, & Silas -- i hope these make you smile SO big. while editing them, i couldn't help but smile from ear to ear & feel an overwhelming sensation of pure happiness for you guys. i only hope that one day my future child is half as beautiful inside & out as Silas is. congrats again! i love you.

so without further ado & with a WHOLE lot of love... please meet Silas Robert Janosko!

Silas is FULL of the greatest expressions :

right after his bath...

one of my top faves -- Silas happy with his Mama! :

another top fave -- Silas with his Dad, Jon :

um... hold up! someone alert the universe because it appears that Silas has stolen the blue from a perfect summer sky -- the evidence is in his eyes ....

what i adore most about this image is Silas's uber content grin as he rests against his Mom :

we mustn't forget their first baby, their cat Houdini :

as well as Sumo, their second baby :

"i am be a rock star, but please, no autographs today"!

seriously... the cute-dometer is outta-of-control :

remember how i said he had the best expressions?! :

i loooove this image so much :

so all in all, the lesson learned that day was that it was pretty much impossible not to fall in love with the amazing Silas!!!

**** *CLICK HERE!!!* to view his slideshow & see even more photographs. happy monday! ****
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