Sunday, 11.30.08

i have been so excited to work with this family ever since the portrait date was booked & before their newest addition had even arrived! so without further ado, please meet the ridiculously uber cute, Liam John! born on the 25th of September at 10:17pm, weighing a big 8lbs & 11 ounces and 21 3/4 inches long, this handsome boy was eagerly welcomed into this world by his adoring parents, Azurely & John. the love that is enveloped in this family is evident in every move & smile... as you will also see in the photos below. please note, there is a slideshow at the end of this post with even more photographs, as well!

Azurely, John, Liam & Sadie Sue! thank you for being so incredibly warm & inviting -- i absolutely loved every minute of our afternoon session! i feel very honored to have been asked to document your first born & the vibrant love that you all have for one another; it is a beautiful, beautiful thing to experience. as i left your home that day, i had a big smile that you all planted across my face for the rest of the day! thank you. i am so happy to have met both of Liam's Grandmothers, as well... he is one lucky, lucky boy surrounded by great love, love, love! i hope you all enjoy the sneak peek below... and as always, more to come soon!

isn't he precious?

looove this!

...and this!

Liam's eyes are incredible :

one of my top faves from the day :

another top fave!

look at those little tootsies!

he has the BEST smile :

Azurely, John & Liam = one gorgeous family!

i adore this moment between Liam & his Dad :

...but we must not forget their beautiful dog Sadie Sue!!!

after all, she was indeed their first 'baby' :

tummy filled, Liam happy!

Liam chilling with his Grandma Nancy :

aren't they so cute together?!

but he also loooves his Grandma Diana!

sooo adorable :

doesn't he make the CUTEST expressions?!

i *heart* this so much :

we went upstairs for a little r&r...

Sadie Sue told me she was definitely ready for a nap :

while Liam had already beat her to the idea!

love, love this :

... and this!

one happy family!

**** *CLICK HERE!!!* to view Liam's slideshow & see even more photographs. happy day! ****
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