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  Saturday, 11.22.08

i interrupt this Saturday with a unofficial "wednesday's whimsy"... you didn't think i forgot about my weekly "wednesday's whimsy" did you? keeping you guys on your toes!

so my questions to you are...

do you Facebook?

do you Twitter?

or are you like me when i was first asked with a big puzzled look on your face?

i can tell you that i have definitely have dipped into the world of Friendster & MySpace before, however i have to tell you, i am slowly realizing that Facebook & Twitter may just be a whole new wave of thinking, staying connected & sharing positive connections with your friends, family, co-workers, clients, work prospectives and best of all, new friends!

plus, i really like how they both have very simple & clean layouts that are easy to use.

truth be told, i signed up for Facebook quite a while ago... in fact, it could very well already be over a year now! however, of course, i never had the time i thought i needed in order to properly explore this new phenomenon that everyone was chirping about.

until recently. i discovered that i could connect my tweets from Twitter to my status updates on Facebook -- since essentially they are the exact same thing!

now, you may be wondering what the hay is Twitter & tweets? i first discovered Twitter this past March at the annual WPPI conference in Las Vegas. to put it simply, it is a great way to follow what your friends, family, co-workers, etc. are doing... even if they live far away or you don't get to talk to them all the time. it is also a fun way to share 'random thoughts' or funny incidents that may happen to you -- of which i have plenty of on a weekly basis!

i will tell you though that when i first started Twitter, i was still confused & even hesitant at first. however, it really doesn't take long to get it... & once you have, you are hooked! it is a lot of fun without being time consuming at all.

below is a cute video that i feel helps you understand twitter even more & its many different wonders :
if you don't already twitter & want to give it a try, i highly encourage it! if you would like, you can follow me on Twitter by clicking HERE!

i know i am connected with many of you already on Facebook (thanks again for the add!)...

however, if not, if you would like, just click HERE to be my friend! i would LOVE to be connected with you & your life!

all in all, i most definitely understand if you are not into this sort of thing. i just thought i'd throw it out there for those of you who might be. if you choose to follow me on Twitter or become my friend on Facebook, it will definitely help key you in on the day-to-day things in the life of a photog. however, i must prewarn you -- editing, shoots, blog updates, uploading, downloading, emails, etc.... might not be oh, so interesting! what i personally find interesting are the in-between-thoughts & moments that happen daily. so if you find this sort of connection neat as well, i guess i'll be seeing you on facebook or twitter or both!

happy day!

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