Friday, 10.24.08

i had the complete pleasure of working with the amazing E'Lisa & Chris Campbell of E.C. Campbell Photography. as you will see from checking out their super fun website & blog, these two are what i would say is the definition of "passion.life.love" not only in their work, but also in their relationship.

it was almost a year ago that i received an inquiry from E'Lisa to take portraits of her & her hubby, Chris. when a fellow photographer asks you to do work for them, it is always something special in a slightly different way -- i felt incredibly honored. however, after communicating here & there via email, i realized i not only felt honored... i felt lucky. anyone who knows or gets to know these two will certainly agree on the genuine, good-hearted, uber sweet people that they are. on top of that, they also happen to be a WHOLE lot of fun! i don't think we stopped smiling or laughing for more than a minute that night.

below is the sneak peek of some of my faves & be sure to check out the slideshow at the very end of the post for even more!

E'Lisa & Chris -- to say i had a blast with you two would be an understatement. i had been looking forward to meeting you both for so long, and yet, that evening it felt as if i had known you both my entire life! thank you for being so warm, passionate, loving & open. i also very much enjoyed meeting some of your family that evening! i look forward to the future of our friendship & all the wonderful adventures to come with your booming photography business! below is your big sneak peek... i hope the images plant a smile across your face, as they have mine!

right as we were about to start, i caught this moment between E'Lisa & their gorgeous baby Great Dane, Onyx (who was only four months & 58 lbs. at the time of the session... and now, a whopping 78 lbs!) :

i *heart* this series below :

E'Lisa, Chris & Onyx = one happy, beautyFULL family!

they love Onyx just a little bit....

and i pretty much fell in love with him immediately, as well -- HOW CAN YOU NOT?!!! i mean, goodness!

i can only imagine what those paws are going to grow into! how exciting!

as they were walking, Onyx decided to walk right into my camera! the image on the left is what came of it :

i love this image for too many reasons :

as well as what happened next!

a definite top fave from our session :

love, love, love :

we let Onyx go play in the park (with supervision of E'Lisa's family, of course!) so that E'Lisa & Chris could have just a little alone time :

yep... another top fave :

E'Lisa's eyes are AMAZING!

the sun was setting at just the perfect timing :

you will begin to see what i mean about the smiles & laughter...

seriously, could they be any cuter????

they are both gorgeous individually.... and together, simply outta-control BEAUTILICIOUS (yes, an official new ksp word!).

we also did a few individuals per their request... you never know where you might see these next??!

they both have the most contagious smiles :

love the movement & feel to this one :

as the evening night came, we had a little bit of fun with it!

something a lil' different :

lastly, i adore the perspective & lineage in this one :

**** *CLICK HERE!!!* to view their slideshow & see even more photographs. please note, the song chosen was a special request from E'Lisa to Chris.... (which i thought couldn't have been a more perfect fit!). i hope you enjoy! ****
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