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  Monday, 4.30.07

i was in chicago the other weekend & although my visit was very short, it was worth every minute because i got to spend it with my best friend Josephine (who i call Jo : ) ) & her fiance Glenn! oh, & i musn't forget their cutie beagle Biggie!!! i did her make-up trial for her big day coming up this July (of which i have been given the honor to be her Maid of Honor & i am super pumped about!). then we had the best engagement session around the city streets & such of the great city of Chicago! Jo & Glenn are seriously such a fantastic couple -- easy-going, fun, kind, giving, loving & ALWAYS smiling! I love that about them. Their love towards each other is so genuine & amazing to be around. I had so much fun with them (as i always do!) & absolutely love that I was able to document their love for them.

jo & glenn -- thank you again for just being YOU! i cannot wait for next time... & especially for the wedding day!

up first, jo & biggie share a little cuddle moment...

some more cuddle time... but this time biggie let glenn join them!

those fabulous smiles & laughter!

i love the play of their shadows here!

some down time...

i love how they are all stepping forward with their left foot (& paw!)

'loving on' time at home. : )

they are HUGE white sox fans... so we strolled around US cellular field for a bit.

a little walk to the waterfront...

looove the city in the background!

i really heart this pic. just a great moment of the two of them. : )

the little boy in the background makes this photo!!!

it was the most beautiful day. : )

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