Thursday, 9.4.08

oh how i adore these two!! Lindsay & Neil are one of the most fun, lively, cute & in love couples ever. once you scroll down & check out their images below, you will definitely get a good sense of what i am talking about. these two sweeties were hitched back in July (yes,,, july -- i am desperately trying to catch up on everything so thank you, thank you, thank you for your patience during one of the busiest seasons ever!!! ) at the Davison United Methodist Church. we then headed onward towards Addison Oaks for some more photos & reception fun! Music Box Productions was in the house so you know it was a grand ol' time!!! their family & friends most definitely know how to break it down!!! my assistant Danielle & i truly had a blast. make sure to check out the slideshow at the end of this post to see lots more images! also, you might just remember these two newlyweds from their esession... to check that post out just click here!

Lindsay & Neil! it has been an amazing time getting to hang out & know you both this past year (or so!). from the minute i met you both, i felt an immediate connection & i was truly honored when i got the call that you had chosen me to be your photographer. i knew we were in store for some good times... & that was no lie! going through & narrowing down your images for your big HUGE sneak peek below was a challenge because there are SO many i wanted to share with you both... i hope you enjoy them as much as i do!

Lindsay's make-up was beautifully applied by the talented & uber sweet Elizabeth, who is the manager at the MAC at Macy’s in Genesee Valley Mall, Flint :

her dress was so intricate & beautiful :

i adored all her details :

getting ready time!

love, love this!

Lindsay is soooo uber gorgeous :

a great moment between Lindsay & her Mom :

there is just something about this portrait that i adore so much :

i looooved Lindsay's flowers! the best part about them was that the bouquet stem was wrapped in a piece that was actually from her mother’s headpiece (which she wore on her wedding day). the headpiece, however also had beading from her grandmother’s dress sewn into it... so in an essence, Lindsay was truly carrying around something incredibly sentimental & "borrowed" from both her mother & grandmother that day! just too neat :

& we musn't forget about the groom!

who happens to be quite handsome himself :

not to mention, has a most awesomeriffic smile :

some sweet moments exchanged... Neil with his Mom, Lindsay with her Dad :

this little girl was too cute for words :

these expressions are always so priceless to me... i can't imagine what they both must of been feeling!

yay! the new Mr. & Mrs.!!!

did someone turn up the heat or what? ow,ow,owwww!

let the celebration begin!

yes... like i said earlier... this little girl just stole my heart ! :

somehow, this always happens at weddings! so of course i couldn't resist posting it. below, Neil with his brother & best man, Brad :

the gents!

the ladies!

i loved, loved, loved the wedding colors :

gotta love the details, big & small!

the entire bridal party...

was a whole lot of fun :

some necessary newlywed alone time...

they are an incredibly good looking couple, if i do say so myself!

their decor was filled with great personal touches :

Zingermans was the mastermind behind their beautiful cake :

& the toasts were by far some of the best i have ever heard!

Lindsay's cousin Dylan was very into photography... i loved his zest & couldn't help but to grab a few of him in action. here is one of my faves :

i think Grandma Baker couldn't have said it better!

their first dance :

these were some of Lindsay's friends from med school.... & one of them happened to fall asleep. if i was in med school, this too could've happened to me! i can only imagine how tired one must be...

we took a ton of images, but if my memory serves me correctly, my awesome assistant Danielle caught this rad image...

this guy's got talent! he was truly awesome to watch :

i love the emotion & feeling in these two images below :

of course we had to sneak outside for a few late, late night romancy (yes, that's my word ) shots :

but the party most definitely continued on to the very end of the night!

**** *CLICK HERE!!!* to view their slideshow & see more photographs from their day! i used jason mraz's song "i'm yours" for the slideshow because it was their song for their first dance. i LOVE it so much that i actually had to loop it in twice due to the fact that there are so many images in the slideshow... however, it is such a happy song that i think it works just fine! hope you enjoy. ****
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