Wednesday, 7.9.08

it is interesting to me how every wednesday, my "wednesday's whimsy" just seems to come to me,,, somehow something happens that makes me think or feel a certain way, & therefore i want to write/share about it. i kinda like it!

yesterday, i received an email from a good friend just saying something along the lines of "hey, how's it going... and i hope you are taking time to stop and smell the roses" -- for some reason that one sentence just kept ringing throughout my head like a broken doorbell throughout the day. as much as i want to say i have been, i am not gonna lie, it has been really hard with everything going on business wise! i will give myself credit that i have been muuuuuuuuuch better this year, because after last year of literally taking no breaks whatsoever, i knew i didn't want my years to go by like that.

this year, i am making a daily effort to remind myself that... my 'to-do list' will never be all checked off (& that's a good thing!), some things can actually wait until tomorrow, & if i continue to put my heart & soul into everything i do, everything else will always come into place. i am trying to take the time to 'stop and smell the roses'.... even if they might sometimes be in just half hour increments.

as all this was going through my head, i naturally drifted in thought to this past May when i went over to celebrate the 8th birthday of my beautiful niece, Julianna. it was a day full of smiles, funny faces and a few screams here & there. it was the very beginning of may, & one of those truly awesome, warm but crisp Michigan spring days...

...the air was fresh, the laughter was contagious, & although the roses weren't in bloom yet... i swear i could smell them.

happiest of wednesday to you!! i hope that at some point today, you find the time to do something for YOU! something that makes your heart curl up into a giant smile...

with love,

below, Julianna showing me that she indeed turned 8 that day :

i just love the way her cousin Maddie is looking up to Julianna in this one :

are these the cutest girls or what?!

little did i know, Julianna is a great climber!!! & the image on the right is her 'model/zoolander' pose :

you might remember this silly munchkin from an earlier post on this blog... my adorable neice Alex (Julianna's sister!) :

from left to right, we have Savannah & Maddie, Julianna & Alex's beautiful twin cousins :

their neighbor came to play with us for a bit, too! isn't she a doll!?

the gang that afternoon :

their cousin Jack (brother to Maddie & Savannah) showing off his dinosaur collection :

my best friend Wen (mom of Julianna & Alex) took these two shots of us below...

do i see a photog in the making ?!

Julianna with her 'ready for the cake' face :

it's coming! ...

happpppppppy birthday Julianna!!!!

i have to add, these guys are mighty good screamers!

my amazing neices, Alex & Julianna --- no words could properly express the magnitude of love that i carry in my heart for you both :

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