wednesday's whimsy: bucket list

  Wednesday, 6.25.08

unless i am shooting a wedding, every Sunday i go to church. this past sunday the entire service was about creating your "bucket list." now, some of you may have seen the movie, The Bucket List, & know what i am talking about. however for those who haven't, the bucket list is basically a list of things you want to do before you 'kick the bucket'. the movie is absolutely wonderful & currently out on DVD. i would highly recommend it... Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman are the main characters & do such a great job (as always).

however, my point of today's "wednesday's whimsy" is not to give a movie review. ever since Sunday, i haven't stopped thinking about how important it is to create your own bucket list. i create all sorts of lists for many things in my life & yet for some odd reason, this particular concept had not occurred to me! i know there are SOO many things that i want to do before i die, however i feel that there is something about actually writing them down that is... almost, in a way... scary, if i should dare say so?! maybe because by writing it down on paper, you are holding yourself accountable? but why not hold yourself accountable for the things you want to do in your lifetime?! maybe because you would consider yourself lucky if you accomplished half of the list?! but half is surely better than none, right? or maybe, for me, it's just because i am always so busy that i don't have the slightest clue when i would plausibly even begin to accomplish some of these things?!!! these were a few thoughts that whizzed through my mind...

...and with all these thoughts running through my head, i found that i had come to a point where i was facing what i call a "fear wall". fear walls are literally when i acknowledge that i am, for some reason or another, afraid of doing something. all the while, this also makes me realize that that means i need to break down my "fear wall" & do that of which i am afraid of -- make sense? i truly believe that change is good for the soul & challenging yourself only makes you stronger, better & more alive!

therefore.... i am happy to say that i have started my own bucket list! however, although some things come very naturally to me, i still feel like i am missing many, which brings me to a question for you :

on this beautiful Wednesday, i ask you one huge favor....would you be so kind to share at least one thing with me that you would like to do before you 'kick the bucket?!?'

i would not only SO greatly appreciate it, but i feel that it would be a beautiful, inspiring thing for everyone to share in on!

thank you!!! here is the start of my bucket list in no particular order :

1. witness something truly majestic (yes... i got that from the movie, but who wouldn't want to?!!!)
2. rescue at least three more animals
3. go back to Italy, perfect my Italian & learn how to make a cappuccino with a cute foamy heart design on top!
4. help a stranger in need (or two, or three, or four...)
5. have children (either my own, adoption or both)!
6. visit Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, the Great Wall in China, Nepal, Thailand, Israel, India, England, go back to Alaska....
7. have an art show or two
8. publish an inspirational photography book
9. spend at least two weeks with my family in Yugoslavia again
10. enjoy real, wonderful conversations with people daily
11. laugh until i cry
12. find the time to paint on the blank canvas in my room, barefoot, on a beautiful spring day
13. have a reunion with my close group of Italy friends (it has been over two years since our last)
14. do a marathon
15. give to the causes i believe in
16. donate time to a
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