wednesday's whimsy : the mann visit

  Thursday, 5.22.08

soooo... unfortunately my usual "wednesday's whimsy" post is a day late due to the fact that there was not a humanly possible minute for me in the day yesterday to get to it! ahhhh, busy season is truly in full gear so i do apologize for the delay!

therefore it may be more appropriate to call today's post something along the lines of "thursday's whimsy" . a little over a month back my dearest friends Alexa, Steve & Preston came to visit from Louisville. it was the first time i had seen Steve in a long time so i had to take some photos of him with Preston since i did not get to do that on their last visit... not to mention that my little nephew is sooooooooooooooo absolutely ridiculously ADORABLE. me & my camera just ate him up! you will know what i mean about his cuteness when you check out these images below.

i hope this finds you enjoying your Thursday & getting ready for the sunshine that is to come this Memorial Day weekend!

& without further ado, here are some fun pics of the awesome Mann family!!!

with love,

to start, here is Preston with Steve.... did someone turn up the cuteness radar or what?!

there is a whole lot of love between this father & son !

Preston has the BEST expressions :

love the father & son profiles in the pic on your left.
unfortunately, when we decided to try to do some family photos, the little guy was just spent :

so we tried to wake him up a bit ...

but it was 'pass out time' for sweet mr. preston :

only to awake to his usual smiley self!!!

i just want to squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze him!!!!

he had some very important things to tell me about, too :

so i had to take him aside to carry on our conversation :

& for now, Preston says "bye-bye! see you the next time!"

(lex, steve, & preston -- i love & miss you guys SO much! , ksen)
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