Wednesday, 6.4.08

there are so many words, emotions & feelings that come to mind with this extraordinary couple. to put it simply, Karen & Giancarlo are both incredibly loving, thoughtful & warm people. together they are like the brightest yellow starburst; you just want to be around them. on top of all this, they are so very much in love. documenting their connection from the very first time i saw them interact together ( click here to view their esession!), to their most gorgeous wedding day has been one amazing, unforgettable experience! we started off the beautiful May day at Six Salon in downtown Birmingham, then ventured onward to the great Royal Park Hotel to wrap up the final getting ready touches! the ceremony took place at the beautiful Lutheran Redeemer Church in Birmingham, & we continued the grand celebration at Meadowbrook for an evening filled with the most heartfelt toasts, delicious food & lots & LOTS of dancing on the dance floor thanks to the expertise & awesomeness of Music Box! the entire day was incredibly personal, warm & truly wonderful.

Karen & Giancarlo! congrats again!! i loved getting to know you better throughout this time & feel so fortunate to have been able to document your love & special day. you have a undeniable connection & i look forward to what the years to come are going to bring you both! i see a most bright, happy, future filled with sooooo much laughter! i hope you enjoy your super big sneak peek below & thank you again for your patience during this busy time!! ... as always, many more to come! with love, ksen

hair stylist, Diane, from Six Salon in Birmingham did such an AWESOME job :

...as well as Six Salon's Summerita who does the most beautiful make-up!

her dress was absolutely stunning :

it was very evident that Karen's father was watching down from Heaven that day ... some of her close girlfriends from college bought her this sentimental token, a bracelet with his picture to be worn as a reminder that he is always with her -- just amazing :

Karen & her mother are incredibly close :

here her mother puts on the bracelet...

& all three are together during a very special moment :

i adore everything about this photo :

Karen is truly stunning :

& Giancarlo is quite handsome himself!

they both have the most amazing eyes, as well :

the guys...

... definitely know how to have a good time

here comes the bride!

karen + giancarlo = laughter, love & happiness!

it was a special, sweet ceremony :

Karen was so excited she kept looking back at all the guests that were there to witness their unity & share in the celebration - i just love this moment :

just after lighting the candle... so powerful:

it's official!!!!

the ladies....

were SOOOO much fun! not to mention knockouts, too!!

the new mr. & mrs. zuliani ...

i was requested to take this photo by the best man...i believe it is part of an inside joke amongst the friends?!

some newlywed time!

this one feels like it is straight out of a fashion magazine to me... they are quite the gorgeous couple!

so dreamy & lovely

we must not forget some of the great reception details!

introducing the new mr.&mrs.!!!!

they took a great bite out of the cake...

& enjoyed some truly amazing toasts :

the first dance :

i this one so!

the radtastic Rod with Music Box was in the house!

... can you tell they had just a bit of fun?!

late at night, we snuck out for just a few romantic shots...

one of my top faves from the day!

**** *CLICK HERE!!!* to view their slideshow & see more photographs from their day. happy day! ****
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