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  Tuesday, 4.1.08

please meet the beautiful, talented, passionate & truly wonder-FULL Danielle -- the new photography assistant of ksp!!! i feel soooo incredibly lucky to have come across such a loving & brilliant soul -- Danielle has been the perfect addition to ksenija savic photography! as some of you may already know, she is one of my main assistants for wedding days (so some of you have or may meet her in the near future! ) & now she is also my right-hand lady when it comes to many photography/artistic aspects of ksp. my business is run with an incredible dedication to creating strong relationships with all my clients & through these connections, capturing & creating powerful emotions in fine art photography --- therefore it is soooo nice to be able to have someone to help with certain daily aspects that could possibly distract from what is most important!

i will always keep ksp on the most personal of levels... which is why a proper introduction for Danielle is well-overdue! i want you all to get familiar with this awesome individual & once you do, you will easily see the tremendous heart she carries within.

with that being said, i asked Danielle to write some words that described her best. this is what was given to me :

"I love words & their potential to evoke emotion. This is why it is so important to project them positively. Words of affirmation go so much further than those of negativity. I would say I am a dreamer of many dreams, an idealist to a fault. I have a creative soul & a romantic heart. I am a fanatic of honesty & inspired by loyalty. I think these are traits of a person comfortable w/ themselves, & I want to be that. I live for the drug of laughter. I strive to have 2 feet in the now, b/c the past is undependable, the future uncertain, & NOW is where happiness resides. Secretly I hold private concerts in my car whenever the mood strikes me. Music to me is a beautiful production of personal connection, connection to the song, to a place, to other people. I am now on this beautiful adventure called LOVE. Being in love thus far has been one of my life’s greatest journeys. What has been discovered and endured the good, the ugly, the wonderful is creating my heart. I carry Kyle’s heart, I carry his heart in my heart.-e.e.cummings. I am lucky enough to have my own personal fan club, my beautiful family. My closest friends are going to change the world, & I’ll be there when they accept their awards. Family & Friends are important, even more important is to tell them that they are. Bottom line as Ksen would say I ‘heart’ life, I ‘heart’ my life, the possibility of each day inspires me."

talk about WOW! ... isn't she amazing?!!!! Danielle, i you & am so happy to have you on this journey with me!!

i also was able to take her away for a moment for a super mini shoot! as you can see, she is just as vibrant & beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside :

i mean seriously, can we say GORGEOUS!?!

i just love the mood & feeling in this one :

of course i had to add a little bit of special ksp lovin' to this image... there is a distinct spirit & softness to Danielle which i adore:

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