Thursday, 3.20.08

W.O.W. talk about yet another amazing experience at WPPI this year! i don't even know where to begin but i do know that my mind is completely FILLED with sooooo much goodness -- too many ideas planted, uber-inspiring moments, A-MAH-ZING people met, deep conversations had, brilliant speakers heard -- an overall, as one of my best friend's Em would say, super "rad" time!

believe it or not, i literally only took about three photos with my point'n'shoot the entire time! however, i feel that the images below from the photobooths are the most fun to share with you. happy first day of spring!!!

with love & gratitude,

first up, from Becker's party, myself & my two ultra-beautiful & ridiculously talented roommates --
Heather from Texas (in the middle) & Em from Wisconsin (on your right). words could never describe how much i these truly WONDER-FULL girls!!

here are the three of us, along with the way cool Kyle Barnes from Texas :

um...yes, if you can't tell yet, we really love photobooths! these were all provided by FOTO cabina :

this one was from the GO I bee & Photography Mentor party... add in some props for fun & you just never know what happens!!

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