Wednesday, 1.16.08

earlier in December, I had a great time working on the first & second part of a three part series for an amazing company located in downtown Birmingham, Birmingham Kitchens & Baths. our first location was the kitchen of Ryan & Jenna Arnold -- where they were not only nice enough to let us take photos of their beautiful kitchen, but also allow us to use them as models!! they were such great sports and just a ton of fun to work with!

below are a few of my favorites from that morning, along with a slideshow in case you want to see more of the beautiful work by Joe Sardy & his company, Birmingham Kitchens & Baths in collaboration with h I f Architecture!!!!!!

talk about a super awesome kitchen!

some fancy details :

Ryan & Jenna just chillin' :

love the angle of this one!

their gorgeous son Ty woke up from his nap at the end of our session... & of course I couldn't resist snapping a few of him!

a super cool & beautiful kitchen made for a super cool & beautiful family!

***SIMPLY CLICK HERE!!!*** : ) to view even more photographs! enjoy!
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