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  Saturday, 1.12.08

hello beautiful people! I hope everyone has been enjoying 2008 thus far. I have SOO many things to blog about (both personal & work) & of course just racing with time -- still soooooo busy!! I am SUPER excited for another fantabulous year & for all the new things to come... such as a brand new (& first ever) office assistant for ksenija savic photography !!! WAHOOO! so excited I can hardly contain myself!!! that news & much more to come soon, so stay posted.

however until then, here is one of the Christmas cards I created this past holiday season for the Stoyanovich family. of course, I had to wait until the holidays passed to make sure that everyone they sent the cards to had received their card in the mail & now I can share it with you all! I just love, love, love this family so much & was SO happy to be able to do this for them a second year in a row! their Christmas card creation is one of my top favorites to date!

i hope this finds you enjoying the glorious sun-shiney day we are having. happy weekend!

the front of the card :

the inside of the card :

the back of the card :

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