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  Sunday, 12.2.07

i absolutely adore these two! you might remember Laura & Kristifor from their wedding post previously on this blog --- & due to the fact that their actual wedding day was non-stop (leaving us only about 15 minutes to do their newlywed shots outside of the reception hall at 7:30-ish at night!!!) -- we decided that a 'day after session' was a grand idea (***to understand more of what a day after session is, check out this post)!! some fun time to dress up, be relaxed & enjoy each other's company as newly married, husband & wife.

...& that's exactly what we did! Laura even let her hair down (which is just out-of-this-world absolutely stunning -- & yes, it is all hers!!!). we met up in Birmingham & pranced around the many glorious spots in the downtown area. we had a TON of fun & no, it wasn't exactly the 'day after'... but close enough!

Laura & Kris, I am at loss of words as to how wonderful it is to know the two of you & to be able to work with you again. your love is amazing & i feel incredibly honored to be able to document it twice! thank you for the fun we had & for the beautiful people you are both inside & out! enjoy your sneak peek & slideshow below... as always, more to come!

can we say "GORGEOUS"?!

we started off in the park & there were a few kids peeking in on us, laughing & giggling behind the bushes (if you look real closely)... it was super cute.

i love everything about this one :

i love the stance & posture in this one -- Laura looks like a doll :

the G.Q. Kristifor!

the stunning Laura!

while changing scenery, i noticed Laura was just standing there like that & I thought "perfect"!

i this one big time!

too cute, too fun!

SO many people were honking, congratulating, even asking if they were really married or just models! i adore this image as we were trying to cross the street:

which are the dolls, which are the people!?

one of my top favs from the day:

their smiles are the best!

Mike fancied this sculpture & it was his idea to put them there -- turned out so cute! LOVE it!

as we were wrapping up, we cruised down this alley & found this amazing clock mural...

& deemed it quite appropriate considering on the actual wedding day we were racing against time! ha!

one beauty-FULL, happy husband & wife!!!

**** *SIMPLY CLICK HERE!!!* to view their slideshow & see more photographs. (the song used is 'we are man & wife' by Michelle Featherstone --- one of my fav's). enjoy! ****
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