Thursday, 11.29.07

please meet Kim, Nick & their adorable son Nikolas!!! i absolutely love this family to pieces & had the great pleasure of working with them last year around this time for Nikolas's 1st birthday. and speaking of birthdays... today Nikolas turns 2 years old!!! woohooo! Happy Birthday Nikolas!!! i hope it is a great one filled with lots of fun treats & surprises!!! the most wonderful thing about documenting your children at different ages is how every stage & age is so unique-- it is truly an amazing thing to capture.

Kim, Nick & Nikolas -- thank you again for such a fun time. I always have lots of great laughs when I am with you & truly enjoy your company! I can't wait until the next time I get to see you guys. until then, enjoy your sneak peek for now & be sure to check out the slideshow at the end of this post for many more images!!!

when i first arrived Nikolas had just woken up from his nap... & i just think his expression was priceless :

as Kim & Nick were getting him ready, he slowly starting waking up & warming up to me a bit :

Nikolas has a TON of character :

once we got to the park & Nikolas got to swing...

he was non-stop smiles!!!

we all were laughing & smiling with him -- his happiness is very contagious!

family portraits with a two-year old are a bit harder to get due to the fact that they own their personalities & have their own agenda ... but that is also part of the fun of it all!!!


this is one of my top fav's from the day hands down :

this one makes me smile because it truly depicts the constant on-the-go nature of Nikolas... even when his Mom is picking him up he wants to "fly"

isn't he the cutest cutie-patootie?!

be around this family for just a couple minutes & you will surely be all smiles as well!

**** *SIMPLY CLICK HERE!!!* to view their slideshow & see more photographs. . enjoy! ****
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