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  Monday, 4.30.07

remember the beautiful newborn Charlotte Zahira not so long ago posted on my old blog! !? well look at this little one now at a little over 11 weeks --- isn't she so precious!!! i had a field day with her when i got a chance to hang out at our good friend's Kristen & Dan's house a little while ago. it is so amazing to me the incredible stages babies go through as they grow and how much character they have. it is something so incredible & wonderful to be able to capture. here are some of the photos from our day of fun with the adorable Charlotte. : )

Happy Kristen with Charlotte! Charlotte's "thinking" look. ; )

Mom & Charlotte!

a touching moment with Dad... I also love the comparison of her little hand against his.

She sure has the greatest, most loving parents! ...and friends & family, too I should add. ; )

a little cat nap...

Charlotte's world!

Proud Grandma & Charlotte.... Mom & Charlotte... it's pretty much impossible not to want to hold her all the time. : )

Charlotte, Jessica & Aaron -- one BIG happy family!

oops! did we forget Sophie! Clearly Sophie loves Charlotte too. : )

I heart this pic below because of the look & feel to it... and it is almost as if she is saying,
"Look at me! Look at how big I am!"

after a long day, there is no better place to rest than on your parent's shoulder. : )

and one last one... her expression is priceless & i love the overall feeling to the photograph. : )

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