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  Wednesday, 11.14.07

i had a blast with Danielle & Taso shooting their esession! granted, the weather that day was amazingly windy & taunting us with a chance of showers however, their love shines through in every image! Danielle & Taso were also completely up for anything & documenting them was just too much fun. they are a great couple, full of life, energy & an undoubtable love & passion for one another.

check out some of my fav's below & be sure to check out the slideshow for many more photographs which is located at the bottom of this post!!!

Danielle & Taso -- where do I begin?! first of all -- thank you for your patience during this busy time!! i truly appreciate that more than you know. i absolutely adore you both & cannot wait until your BIG day in May!!! i hope you enjoy your sneak peek.

remember i said they are full of energy & life!?

soooo cute!

Taso decided he was going to disobey the rules & take a little dip on this lovely october day!

thank goodness Danielle saved him, but then he had a different idea in mind ...

Danielle & Taso call this park "the Secret Garden" & i think the name deems itself quite appropriate!

aren't they beautiful!?

just love everything about this image :

they laugh SOOOOOO much together. it is wonderful to be around & capture :

& a few moody ones -- i just love the feel to the following series :

**** *SIMPLY CLICK HERE!!!* to view their slideshow & see more photographs. also, the song used is "better when we're together" by Jack Johnson. enjoy! ****
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