Saturday, 7.18.20

Yesterday morning I was feeling a bit overwhelmed so I decided to release some of the angst to my husband when he grabbed my hands & said, “I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. Let’s pray.”

As he was praying he said something that really struck a cord in my heart,

“Let the fireflies within us glow. Amen.”

How beautiful a notion is that? I love the idea of fireflies within us — flickering & glowing at times. They are always there, even when we don’t feel them. Life requires so much patience & grace, doesn’t it?

To me, prayer is so grounding & uplifting. Do you pray with your partner? I can’t recommend it enough. And if you don’t but want to try, it’s really quite simple. Turn towards each other or hold hands & speak whatever comes to your heart. Speak with love & wishes for the day.

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