Wednesday, 7.15.20

#100daysoflivingAWAKE ! Day one. Early this morning my husband said he was planning on taking the kids on a bike ride. Normally I would say, "Great!" & focus on completing my morning workout. I THRIVE on routine (anyone else?) -- I love the way it makes me feel & how it sets up my day for success. However, ever since I decided to challenge myself to really live AWAKE to the day, I can't stop asking myself this question first :

"What is best for you -- your mind, body, spirit -- TODAY? What is your body telling you it needs?"

Even though I was a bit (tired) & reluctant, I knew right away what my body was wanting this morning. I asked myself the question & didn't fight the answer with excuses as to why I shouldn't go. Instead, I let go of my morning routine & decided to head out WITH my family & enjoy the bike ride.

As I was riding, I noticed myself starting to think about the rest of the day, all my to-do's & wondering if I should still get my "workout" in... when it hit me -- I wasn't allowing myself to enjoy the NOW. Isn't it crazy how often we do this? So I stopped that rabbit hole train of thought with a simple statement to myself :

"Focus on the now. This moment, right here, is everything."

I'm loving how just by planting this seed of wanting to LIVE AWAKE it has already made me begin to (slowly) see more clearly what is really, truly important. How often we miss the opportunity to live, because we get so used to how things are! If I had stayed home this morning, yes I would have gotten in my workout & that would have felt great BUT, I would have missed the sunshine waking up kissing the earth, the excitement of our kids feeding the ducks, the feeling of the breeze flowing through my shirt, racing my son back home, as well as the hilarious croaking of a grumpy old toad.#soworthit #feelsevenbetter

Sometimes we put unnecessary stress on ourselves to accomplish what we know "works," that we are not actually listening to what our mind & body NEEDS.

Today my health focus will be to jot down my top 3 to-do's & to make one of them be :

"Allow yourself to go fully where the day takes you, too."

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