Monday, 5.11.20

I came across this poem that Kensington Church shared at their Mother’s Day service two years ago... such a great reminder.

"You are embraced with an overwhelming, never ending, love of God.
He adores you, He constantly pursues you.
No wall will stop him, no lie can keep him away.
Your unbelief won’t discourage him, because His love is not human.
You are a beautiful warrior.
You fight for your family, you defend your children.
You defend all children, you run to the helpless.
You bring beauty to the fight.
You plant flowers in the mud.
You bring pink to the darkness.
You are lace among the grind.
Your smile lights up the family room.
Your laugh brightens the alley.
You stand equal alongside the heads of the family, the heads of the neighborhood, the heads of the boardroom.
Your power is not overshadowed by the powerful.
You are powerful, you are strong.
You bring light into the darkness.
You transform every single room you walk into.
And don’t ever forget, He loves you, He adores you, He sings over you.
You put a twinkle in His eye.
He forgives you, you are forgiven, completely forgiven.
He sees you, He knows you, He is with you, He will never ever leave.
You are not alone, don’t ever believe you are alone.
And you will finish strong.
You will finish bruised.
You will finish Exhausted.
But you will finish,
you’ll complete this race
And know - your kids will be okay, God’s got them, they’ll be okay.
Your family will survive.
You are changing the next generation.
You are changing the world, one son and one daughter at a time.
That’s you.
Happy Mother’s Day."

Hope everyone had a great one & that it carries into the rest of this week. xx

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