Tuesday, 4.28.20

With all the chatter regarding many not even putting their pants on when showing up for Zoom calls, I recently asked for people to take a quick poll on my IG stories about whether they would currently describe themselves as #PANTSON or #PANTSOFF? What can I say-- it felt like the perfect metaphor. "Pants on" peeps are those that are facing this quarantine head on, ready to come out even better & stronger on the other side of it. "Pants off" peeps are literally S U R V I V I N G, making the best of their day to day & perfectly content with that. NEITHER are wrong! We are all surviving anyway you want to look at it.

For a while, I was kinda teetering on both sides. I've always been a go-getter, it's just in my blood. However, the abrupt halt to life as we knew it just made me need to literally PAUSE & just BE for a hot minute (aka weeks). Soon enough, though, not being able to have my normal routine just made me feel all jumbled &, well, BLAH. :/

Then, one day I realized that I had to literally throw out my old routine & begin completely from scratch. I had to create a routine that fit this new 'normal' & allow myself a boatload of GRACE while doing so. Once I did that, everything shifted.

When it comes down to it, personally I just feel better when I have goals, take care of myself & follow a routine... when I have my "pants on." But this doesn't mean I don't leave P L E N T Y of room for the days when I just need to completely unwind & reset. Having your "pants off" is vital, too.

So maybe I'm more 80/20 when it comes to this analogy & maybe you're more 20/80 -- it really doesn't matter as long as whatever you are doing is making you FEEL good. It's really quite that simple.

So lets all do more of what makes us FEEL BETTER, in whatever way that is, & leave the judgement at the doorstep where it belongs... a minimum 6ft of distance away.

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