the making of the new blog!

  Thursday, 8.5.10

hey friends! can you really believe it is already August?!! i don't know about you, but this summer has felt a bit like a non-stop-crazy-busy-but-fun-FILLed packed blur. if that even makes any sense.

anyway, it has been a full week now since the new blog launched ~ hollaaaaaaa! i cannot thank you all enough for all the tremendous feedback, love & support. your words fill my heart with H A P P Y. truly,,, thank you. thank you.

i am a blogger, & i LOVE it. i love being able to share so much on here, to be open and connect with so many people,,, to share beautyFULL stories through my photography. i love hearing from you. and as an artist, blogger, business owner & fine art photographer, i have grown so much that it i realized it was due time for a blog 'makeover'.

sometime this past April, i contacted the awesome team Brock Martin & Dave Warfel at Infinet Design with lots of ideas & ready for a fresh start to a blog that represented ME... today. it has been a journey, a TON of work & a great collaboration. i cannot speak highly enough about how much these guys ROCK.
{ thanks again Brock & Dave !!! }

with that said, i wanted to share with you a bit of the inspiration behind the scenes of the making the new blog!
below are some of the images i first sent Dave...

first, a lil bit of inspiration from my home & studio :

my most recent inspiration/sketchbook :

a few areas in the studio room that make me smile :

more of my sketchbooks, journals & quotes :

some heart with wing drawings (which you will notice are near the date of every post & different for every post ) :

& some books, words, more sketchbooks, drawings & other things that inspire me :

haaaaapppppppppy Thursday folks! make it an awesome one!


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