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  Wednesday, 6.24.09

you might remember this beauty from some previous posts,,, well she & her sweetie, Dan, are getting married this coming Saturday!!! and i not only have the honor of documenting their love & unity, but also the pleasure of doing Chelsea's make up look for their big day!!

a day ago we got together to do her make-up trial. we decided to play up her gorgeous eyes & keep the lips more natural. i used a subtle mixture of champagnes, golds, bronzes & purples to really make her green eyes shine!

lately, i have been having a lot of inquiries regarding make-up questions, as well, so in case you are wondering... her lip look is a top favorite natural lip of mine:

MAC Beurre Cremestick Lipliner
MAC Viva Glam V Lipstick
MAC Luminary lustreglass

Chels! as always it is so much fun to be able to hang out & see you! i loved catching up on everything & i LOVE it even more that i get to see you twice in one week!!! i hope you had an awesomely productive day & that you enjoyed your look! below are a few shots so that you can see what it looks like on 'film'. big xoxo !

seriously,,, can she be any more beautyFULL?!

...and isn't her smile the BEST?!


teagan rae

  Sunday, 6.21.09

introducing,,, the beautyFULL miss Teagan Rae born to her proud parents, Steve & Alexa and her big brother, Preston on May 9th, 2009, weighing 9lbs 2oz's & 20 1/2" long! you might also remember this beautiful family, who is so near & dear to my heart, from from some previous posts . i had the pleasure of meeting Teagan when she was only a week old & i have to say, there is something incredibly sweet & angelic about this baby girl -- it was pretty much impossible not to fall in love.

below are some of my favorites captured in their home... & to see even more, be sure to check out the slideshow at the end of this post!!

Alexa, Steve, Preston & Teagan! i just love you all SO very much & am so happy to have been able to meet & capture the amazing spirit of the newest addition to your family. i beyond grateful for your love & friendship --thank you for being YOU & for being so wonderful. happy Sunday & a most happy Father's day to Steve, too. xoxo!

first up,,, this is definitely one of my top favorite images captured of Teagan :

check out her tootsies!!!

luuuurve her!!!!

...with Mama ....

we musn't forget her cutie-patootie big brother mr. Preston!

with Dad ...

i love this boy SO much :

i had to post this family portrait. why? because it isn't perfect,,, and yet, it is.
the truth of the matter is that at this time in their lives, this may depict their family as it is right now best --
full of excitement & those unexpected moments.
i cannot help but laugh out loud when i see that awesome expression on Preston's face and,
although baby Teagan doesn't cry much at all, she is, after all, just a week old in this photo... :

a more relaxed family portrait :

heart, heart, heart!

a definite fave of Preston :

Preston with his baby sister
are they so cute or what?

the fam!

lastly,,, a sweet smile from Teagan in the midst of sleeping.
gosh, i love those rare, wonderful moments. isn't she ah!mazing?!

**** *CLICK HERE!!!*
to view the slideshow & see more photographs.
happy day (and to all the father's out there, a happy Father's day!!!) to you!

for the love of travel

  Thursday, 6.18.09

i have always said that i have a little travel bug that lives within me... constantly pushing me to explore this wondrous land we call planet earth. funny how when you live openly with all of your heart, let go of any doubts or fear, & allow life to happen for you, it will lead you in unlimited directions.

starting today until Saturday, June 20th i will be out of office once again. i am hoping to be able to answer emails, however am not entirely sure how time will be on my side during these travels. i thank you again for your patience & will most certainly attend to all emails/phone calls upon my return. i also promise there is so MUCH goodness to blog when i return... i am at the tip of my seat with excitement about all the images to share.

of course, i cannot blog without leaving an image or two. so with that, i leave you with a couple of my precious Jones-y... because i just know you all just can't get enough of him!!!

okay, okay,,, maybe that is just me ... however, the other day i caught Jones in the midst of destruction of toy # 2,146....

upon getting his attention he looked at me like this :

truly,,, how can anyone not die after seeing such CUTENESS?!!!!!! i happily proceeded to clean up the toy's carcass & thought to myself, 'for that sweet look on his face & his unmistakable happiness, i will buy another 100 toys tens times fold.'

hope your day & week is filled with many little BIG things that fill your heart happy ,,,


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