simple session : madelyne

  Friday, 1.11.13

TGIF... it's Friday! & what better way to end the week then with the incredibly cute, FULL of character and energy, miss Madelyne?!

i had a BLAST doing this simple session... and it was especially awesome because Megan & i actually went to high school together, as well! LOVE when that happens (& i loved catching up with you Megan )! i also had the great pleasure to do Megan's make-up for the sesh!

below are some of my faves from their simple session... & please note : we are still no longer offering simple sessions -- this session was booked in advance before the announcement was made.

hope they put a B I G smile to your face!

isn't Madelyne beautyFULL?!!!

& such a sweetie

Madelyne looooooooves to run around the house... all day long.
but she still finds time to snuggle with her Mama, even if just for a second or two!

love everything about this image

Megan + Madelyne = &

...enter in Grandma and we have a WHOLE lot of LOVE!!!


reach for the 'snowflakes'

she's not outgoing at all

silly miss

such a b e a u t y

Madelyne,,, you are seriously a DOLL. inside out.
loved meeting you sweetheart!


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