sneak peek... monika & jason

  Tuesday, 12.6.11

happy Tuesday!
i hope this finds you all staying warm & snuggly. i say we warm it up a notch with the love that is....... Monika & Jason!
yep, it's time for another sneak peek!!!

you may also remember Monika from her make-up trial. below is just a taste of their beautyFULL wedding day. MANY more to come! hope you enjoy.

it is no surprise that Monika looked absolutely RADIANT

& Jason didn't look too shabby either

i would say they are a 'perfect 10' indeed

{HEART} the mood, texture & overall FEELING of this image. so. much

Jason had prayed for a rainbow on their wedding day....
and if you look closely in the sky, you will see his wish was granted.
& on top of it all, it was almost a circular shape... SO symbolic of the unity & bond that they will share

and last, but definitely NOT least , i leave you with this fabulous smoochtastic image !
aren't they sweet?!

with love,

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