Thursday, 5.23.19

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I had the pleasure of doing a Boudoir Session for this beauty & I am always amazed how sessions like these remind me how INCREDIBLY empowering it is for us to have photographs taken of ourselves!

Having your photograph taken is key to not only documenting a certain time in your life and to remind yourself of your essence and BEAUTY (inside & out), but to also see yourself in an entirely NEW light.

As a woman with a daughter, I think about the importance of self love & truly loving yourself at every stage of life. I know that the best way to teach that is to model it... which is definitely easier said then done at times, right? But it’s one that I will never stop growing in — for myself, my daughter & all women!

Thank you again, Becky, for not only giving me the honor to capture you in this way, but for also reminding me that beauty is best when it’s not hidden. I am SO excited to be able to share your full post from your boudoir session! I hope these images remind you how incredibly radiant you ARE! With heart & gratitude, Ksen

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