the d'anna family

  Saturday, 10.22.16

If you follow this blog, it is hard not to remember this precious family from many previous posts. They exude a joy & love that is genuine & true -- I feel incredibly honored to not only capture them as they grow, but to know them for the wonderful people that they are.

Below are a few of my favorites, however, as always, check out even MORE photos captured in their slideshow at the end of this post!

Jenny, Kris, Bianca & Roman,,, thank you for being YOU. It is truly such a pleasure to see you guys & to be around you. May these moments make you not only smile for years to come, but also serve as a great reflection of what an incredible family you are raising! With love & gratitude, always, Ksen

The D'Anna Family!

sweeeeeeeeeeet, smart, beautyFULL Bianca!

& her on-the-go, absolutely ADORABLE & handsome brother, Roman!

a Mother's love

the GORGEOUS family!

some necessary Daddy snuggles

... if this doesn't make you SMILE, I don't know what will!

and THIS. Oh my word, I just can't get enough!
Beauty looking at beauty.

sweet little adventurers! #letthembelittle

Another top favorite, hands down.

A family walk in the woods is beyond good for the soul.

Absolutely LOVE everything about this moment!

These two!

Sweet D'Anna family, may ALL your days have pockets of fun, laughter & adventure ...
as I know they will be always filled with LOVE.


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