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  Thursday, 9.15.16

I have had the pleasure to capture her Bat Mitzvah & family throughout the years...
so to be able to capture her Senior Pictures was, needless to say, truly special!

Lacey is a radiant, full of life, BEAUTIFUL inside out, loving & joyful being. I always feel good just being around her & expect to be laughing a lot.

Below are some of my TOP favorites from her session, however be sure to check out the slideshow at the end of this post for even MORE photos!

Lacey,,, you ROCK! Thanks for always being up for anything... & for having lots fun along the way! I am SO grateful to have been able to capture this very special time in your life -- I hope the images below make your heart smile BIG & feel proud of the AMAZING person you have become! with love & gratitude, always, ksen

without further ado,
class of 2017

can we say B E A U T Y ???!

that SUNSHINE, that LIGHT, her SMILE!

"go forward & grab your next adventure"



Lacey with her Mama!!

2 beauties

a TOP favorite, hands down.

watch out! supermodel in the making you see the moon?!

I mean.....

L O V E.

Heart this entire series below

Her pups, Olive & Pickles, decided to join in on the fun!
ps. Needless to say, there was A LOT of excitement & motion... which makes this photo THAT much better in my opinion!


love love LOVE.

ALL the siblings!!!

the gorgeous Modell family!

Not sure if they can get any more beautiful together?!


sibling love.

...and sillyness

The ladies with their Mama!

So proud of their daughter!

Lacey, no matter where the road takes you,
MAKE it your own, stand tall, be strong, lead with an open heart & hand...
& ALL will be good.
No, actually it will be GREAT.
I am so very proud of you & excited for all the amazingness that is to come!


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