the reynolds family

  Tuesday, 8.2.16

If you follow this blog, then you have seen this gorgeous family mentioned a time or two . We recently had our yearly family session, and AS ALWAYS, it was a ton of fun!

Below are some of my favorites from the morning... hope they make you all smile BIG.

Reynolds family,,, thank you for rocking it out with me yet again! It is always such a joy to be around you guys & a true honor to watch the kids as they grow! Until next time, MUCH love & gratitude, ksen

these two!!!

& adorable Dexter just going with the flow

sweet Caden... making "art" without even knowing it

big sister Reese, just keeps getting more beautiful EVERY year!

I mean.....

Princess Elsa even stopped by for a bit!

A boy & his trains

could he be ANY more handsome?!!!

reading time with Mommy is the best

The two who started it all

theeeeee BEST!

sunshine smiles

Reese + Daddy = LOTS OF FUN


sweet Reynolds family...
just like this tree gets better with every year, so does your love, connection & energy.
May your days always be filled with great love & light!


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