the seabolt family

  Wednesday, 2.3.16

this family is just the SWEETEST! i had such a great time capturing them in their home as a certain adorable someone had recently turned ONE!

Kristin also happens to be a very talented photographer herself, which is always such an extra treat & honor to capture. below are some of my top favorites from their session, as well as a slideshow with even more photographs!

Kristin, Larry, Will, Bel, Max, Frisco & Swink... you guys seriously ROCK. your love & personalities truly shine... and don't let me get started on HOW CRAZY GORGEOUS precious Will is!!! i had the best time going through all your pics & editing them -- i hope they make you all smile BIG for many years to come! with much love & a greatful heart, ksen

sweet Bel loves her Will so much she never leaves his side...
i loved their bond.

nothing better than kisses + hugs from Mommy & Daddy!

Will meant serious business with his animal puzzle!

absolutely LOVE everything about this image

a little story time...

in his incredible room!

i mean, could they all be ANY MORE GORGEOUS?!!!

such a big boy!

>> insert heart-eyed emoji here please <<

we managed to get the ENTIRE family in this shot! love.

their four-legged children


& tickle time!

loved all the attention to detail throughout their home, especially in Will's room!

such a stud!

i can't decide which one i love more -- this one OR...

THIS one?! seriously, i don't think he could be any cuter!!!

playing in the kitchen cupboards

...and flying with Mom & Dad! life sure is GOOD.

who's ONE?!


the the two who started it all.

L O V E.

oh you know, just hanging around.


i mean, some serious out-of-control cuteness going on here.

'places to go, people to see, things to say.'

aaaand i can't think of a better way to end than THIS :
happy mr. Will surrounded by such great LOVE,,,
& of course sweet Bel lovingly watching in the background.


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