Monday, 7.20.20

This morning I woke up & asked God to show me how to live awake today before I even got out of bed. Then, as I was driving I turned on the radio & they were talking about a story of how a friend of theirs wakes up every day & thinks of the first thing they are grateful for & give thanks for it. Every day without question— this is how she sets the intention for her day.

I really love that. Far too many days I wake up in a haze, & then just begin the normal morning routine. Instead, merely because I heard that story, I’ve already been thinking about what I’m grateful for today & it’s putting so much peace in my heart.

Oh, & not to mention these two. They’ve been heading outside lately in the early morning, reading the daily devotional & ‘journaling’ together. It literally makes my heart swell. #beyondgrateful #myeyesareopen #nowisnow

Do you have something you do first thing in the morning to start it off right? Please share! Would love to hear it.

#100daysoflivingAWAKE #dayseven

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