Wednesday, 2.26.20

On the early morning that my father passed, I drove by a small deer on the side of the road. I first had a fleeting thought, "Could it be my father's spirit?" & then, knowing that my tired & in shock brain wasn't making much sense, I thought, "No. Definitely not. Plus, if my Dad came back, he'd be a buck!"

Not even 24 hours later, we were driving back from my parent's house and there, standing in our neighbor's driveway, was --- a BUCK! I was dumbfounded, but far too numb to believe it was a sign of any sort.

A few days after that, one of my besties called me up to tell me that she felt drawn to driving a different route that she doesn't normally take &, in the middle of broad daylight, saw a WHITE buck. It was unbelievable & she could feel my Dad's spirit.

Throughout October (the month he passed), I kept spotting a buck in our neighborhood. One even came through our backyard during lunch! However, then November, December, January came... & it was like buck disappeared, nowhere to be seen.

Then, just last week I was driving out of our sub & went the wrong way. I turned down our neighbors street & saw 3 deer crossing in front of me. I paused & thought to look to my left to make sure there were no more deer coming... and there he was -- a buck, staring right back at me. I just sat there in awe. As if it couldn't have been any more special, 'Waymaker' started playing on the radio (you'll have to read a few posts back to understand the power behind that song). It was almost as if God was saying,

"You weren't open to seeing the signs, but now you are, so here you go. I'll keep 'em coming."

I came across this recently :

"Deer have many sides— powerful, feisty, cautious, adventurous & protective. But deer have great individuality, calling for people to trust their instincts & trust themselves."

I really don't know what seeing bucks means, but I DO know that it brings a great peace & comfort to my heart.

Maybe sometimes we dismiss signs because they don't seem BIG enough. But what if we shifted our mindset & noticed signs happening every day, big & small? Reminders that we are loved. We are guided. And we are so not alone.
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