SO LONG, 2019

  Tuesday, 12.31.19

2019. In a way it would be nice to forget most of the happenings you brought, but that's just my mind speaking, not my HEART.

Because you see, as much as you were the most difficult year of my life, you taught me by far the greatest lessons yet. You split my soul open & showed me not only would I survive, but I could do so with grace & peace. You strengthened my faith when I thought it might get torn apart. You ignited my passion for WELLNESS -- mind/body/spirit -- to an entirely new level. You taught me that life can be brutal, but there is ALWAYS beauty in the mess. You reminded me what it means to be a human BEING. You reminded me that we stand taller & stronger when we stand TOGETHER.

2019, you may have been the year my father died, but you awakened all of the good parts he left behind within me. So for that alone, I thank you.

Friends, earlier this year I had much on the horizon that I was excited to share with you all, but then my father became sick & everything came to a very sudden halt. What I didn't know then that I know now, is that all of the lessons these past 6 months have taught me were just the seeds God was planting within me for a greater PURPOSE. Beginning in January, I will be sending out a monthly newsletter... just once a month, nothing to clutter your inbox, only to inspire your soul.

If you would like to subscribe, the link is : H E R E!

I wish you all to spread your wings this coming New Year.
May the tears you cried in 2019 water the seeds you grow in 2020.
May the hope you felt in 2019 fuel your passions in 2020.
May the love you received in 2019 be given back 20 times fold in 2020.
May immense gratitude & crystal clear faith-filled vision be your compass!
All my love,


PS. This is one of my favorite photos from 2019. It takes me back to a place where I’m reminded that nothing is wasted & that God is the King of our Heart — His timing is always perfect. Thank you, too, to my rock of a husband, Mark Ostach, for holding my hand & walking WITH me through both the good & the bad of 2019.

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