Wednesday, 3.3.21

Isn't it interesting that most of the time when we say "What if" we usually follow it by something negative that could 'possibly' happen?

It's been on my heart a lot this year to ‘CHANGE THE NARRATIVE.’ What would happen if EVERY time you had a 'what if' thought you instead followed it up with something uplifting, life-giving and crazy positive?! What if...

I want us to take this notion into DAY 3 of the #22DAYRESET !

As move into day 3, remember to take the small shifts we’ve implemented from days 1 & 2 with you, too.

DAY 3:

*MIND >> Today I want you to give your mind a break from all the things that are holding you back and/or filling you with fear. For me, that means purposely filling my cup up with truths & positives (& not watching the news or anything of the sort).

*BODY >> Today we focus on self care. What does that look like to you? Is it dry brushing, an epsom salt bath, sauna time, a massage, a pedicure, a facial, time cuddled up on the couch watching the Bachelor, etc -- all of the above? Schedule it & MAKE IT happen! Self care is crucial to feeling your best.

*SPIRIT >> Get outside today & spend some time breathing in that fresh air! If the sun is out, BONUS. Just get outside. Allow your spirit to feel whatever it may feel & listen to it... nature always has a way of bringing out the best in us.

What if you made time to do all of the above?How do you think you would feel? What's stopping you?

What if...

Only YOU are in control & in charge of how you want to complete that sentence today so go out & make it a beautiful one!

Hope you are feeling good! I sure am. Here's to day 3,
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