Thursday, 8.6.20

My husband told me a story this week about an elderly man that he knows from our favorite coffee shop, Svenska Cafe, who is a spiritual mentor of his church. He told Mark that his job is to "walk without judgement" with whomever he is with.

This really struck me in such a beautiful way. To really walk without judgement takes a (WHOLE) lot of conscious awareness & strength. I'm not sure as a human being if it is actually possible to not judge, but I have to hope & believe that it IS possible to get to a place where you are aware of it enough that you are able to at least stop it when it begins.

Lately it feels like there is so much judgement being thrown around like candy on Halloween. Except, it's daily. It's among family & friends & people one doesn't even know on social media. No one likes to be judged, & yet isn't it crazy how we can so easily do it to others?

But... what if we made the conscious decision to "walk without judgement" & to remember that we do not know other people's intimate stories?

What if we reminded ourselves that we CAN control our own choices, thoughts & words, instead?

What if we worked on ourselves so that we can bloom our brightest & maybe, just maybe, that that might encourage someone else to do it for themselves, too?

What would happen then?

I envision it to feel like something in this photo -- just flowers (humans), being flowers (humans), blooming beautifully individually... yet even more so, together.

#100daysoflivingAWAKE day 24. #walkwithoutjudgement #bloomtogether #leavethejudgementatthedoor
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