Sunday, 1.26.20

As I continue to share small shifts that you can make regarding health & wellness, your skincare routine is an important one. Think about it -- your skin is the largest organ on your body, so what you put on it makes a difference!

You have heard me rave (a time or two ) about Michigan's own, Be Natural Organics (you can read more in these previous posts) however today, I just wanted to take us back to the basics.

In my opinion, their Anti-Aging Collection is one of the best ways to get a kickstart to refreshing your skincare routine. It's priced super well, comes with a boatload of products & is EASY. #yesplease

The Anti-Aging Collection combines their top organic skincare products -- the anti-aging cleanser, balancing mist, daily enzyme peel, eye protection cream and moisturizer. This simple routine includes the absolute most powerful combination of botanically active ingredients you can use.

As they say, "You may not be able to stop time, but you can definitely slow the signs of aging on your skin with a consistent regimen of Be Natural Organics anti-aging skincare products." I couldn't agree more, especially after using them for over 4 years now AND being in my 40's, I'm grateful to say my skin has never felt nor looked better.

Personally, I use everything in it daily PLUS I love adding the Hyaluronic Serum because 1) I love serums & 2) it helps maintain proper hydration in all layers of the skin for optimal skin health.

>> BONUS : If you want to give them a try, use my code KHOL30 to get 30% off your entire order!

Always happy to answer any questions you may have, as well.
Cheers to feeling good in our skin (AND about what we put on it)!

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