wednesday's whimsy : danny & silvia

  Wednesday, 12.4.13

happy wednesday whimsy!

as i mentioned a little while ago, i am cleansing in a lot of ways & one of them is to actually share more personal work that has been sitting in my hard drives for far too long. of course with the busy-ness of the fall season, that has been easier said then done... but i haven't given up! so this post is actually a combo of a couple big events from this past year of my sweet nephew & niece, Danny & Silvia.

taking the time to create these personal posts fills my heart up in an indescribable way... & just serves as another reminder to how THANKFUL i am for this life God has given me. i feel beyond fortunate to be an Aunt to these two.

first up, somehow my nephew Danny turned 3
(and is somehow already going to be turning 4 this February!!! TIME SERIOUSLY FLIES).
but for now, his 3rd birthday

he was just a little excited about his Thomas the Train cake...

...and his birthday in general!

Silvia was excited for her big brother, too!

with Auntie Ciara!

boys will be boys

with his Nana!

Thomas the Train 'tattoos' are serious business

cake time! allllllll smiles
...& somehow a bit of green frosting planted itself on his lips! i wonder how that happened.

i made sure Silvia could see all the fun

& fun was definitely had by all!

birthday kisses from Mama are the best kisses!


ending the day with a yellow submarine present pretty much made this the BEST birthday ever!

don't worry Silvi... your baptism is next!

this past May, our sweet Silvia was baptized!

I MEAN!!!!!!! no words.
#cutenessoverload #suchadoll

she was not too excited to get a curly lock snipped

but was definitely surrounded by lots & lots of love... including pretty amazing God parents.

family portrait time

my Dad & my husband.... two of my MOST favorite men in this world.

Danny was pretty stoked on the cake part of the baptism

Nana with her loves

Grandma with her Silvia!

Auntie Ciara with Silvia!

and somehow we managed to get a pic taken with her, too!
being the one who takes photos, i forget to include myself 99% of the time.
so so so happy we did.

then this November a certain someone turned ONE!!!
who could that be?!

oh, yes! it's ME!!! Silvia Mara!

& all her friends came to celebrate!

Silvi loves her Dedo

i can't stand the C U T E N E S S!!!

then it was time for some cake!

...and the best we could do at a super-quick-highly distracted-family portrait

needless to say, just like her brother, Silvia was NOT a fan of cake

but have no fear!
in true Silvi style she was back to smiles in no time.

ps. i want her pants
& this guy had the right idea

can't think of a better way to end your first birthday party then with BOTH your Grandma & Nana!!!

hope you enjoyed a little snapshot from my life!
have a happy & awesome wednesday whimsy!

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