wednesday's whimsy : carter

  Wednesday, 5.15.13

it's Wednesday, so how about a little wednesday whimsy?

i've been really thinking about how precious time is lately... & even more so how absolutely PRECIOUS our time with our loved ones is. i don't know about you, but for me being able to truly spend time with my family & friends does SO MUCH good for my soul.

back in early March i was able to visit one of my besties, Josephine in Chicago. & remember sweet Carter from this post? well this little mr. has gotten SO big! it was really nice to be able to spend time with him & his curious, fun toddler ways.

below are a few moments i captured during my visit. i LOVE how children wear their heart on their sleeves... & how undeniable a parent's love is. there is something so beautyFULL & unique about each family -- i am reminded of this each & every time i shoot. is both humbling & inspiring to capture.

without further ado, the handsome mr. Carter

Bigfoot & Carter = best friends

...and maybe a certain someone loves Carter for all the extra scraps of food he has been getting too!


endless curiousity

Mom & Carter book time

who says you can't use your toes to play an instrument?

the gorgeous fam!

a top fave hands down!
makes me smile inside out

sweet Biggie... you may not get as much attention as you did before...
but at least i still love LOVE you!

silly guy

dear Carter,
never lose that laughter, life & LOVE.
i love you!

happy wednesday whimsy!

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