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  Wednesday, 3.23.11

it's been a while since i did a "wednesday's whimsy",,, merely because this year i decided i was going to blog even more personal posts/thoughts in general -- not just mid-week. however, something about this particularly dreary day we are having inspired me to bring back another dose of a good ol' "wednesday's whimsy".

to be totally honest, lately i have been kinda hard on myself... for really no apparent reason at all. i could problem blame it on hormones or maybe even the weather, but truth is, i don't even know why!! & i feel almost silly about it. because really, there is no need for it... but i guess it is what it is.

so i decided to turn that frown upside down & FILL up that cup of mine! i started by writing down what i was most grateFULL for (thanks to my ahh!mazing friend Aya ) -- i highly recommend taking a few minutes to do this yourself! i also expressed my gratitude to some loved ones through a couple of handwritten cards. i up'ed my workouts which naturally just gave me the 'boost' i needed (don't chya just love how a workout can do that?!).

& in general, just remembered the importance of taking a moment to
B R E A T H E,

& not worry so dang much about everything because the reality is that alllllllllllllllllll that matters is THIS moment, right now.
the NOW. nothing else!!!
one day. one step.
each one cherished, noted & well appreciated.

GOSH. isn't it so funny how blessed we can be & yet have to remind ourselves continually?
thank GOODness for all the pleasant ways that life sends you such sweet reminders.

so with all that said, a couple of years ago i did a blog post called evolution?! {to view the original blog post, just CLICK HERE.}
i wanted to repost it today to act as a reminder of the many illusions there are out there & how absolutely NOTHING is more beautyFULL than you,,,
just the way you ARE.

i also deemed this image below quite appropriate for today.
i call it
love life positive '

hopefully this post makes you smile and remember how incredibly special YOU & your life really are.
wishing you a most happy & truly beatbeatpositivelyFULL "wednesday's whimsy" !
with such great gratitude,

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