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  Wednesday, 4.14.10

a most happy "wednesday's whimsy" to you!

lately, more than ever, i have been receiving many emails with questions regarding photography. as my inbox grows, & the time in my day does not, i thought to create a 'frequently asked questions' post in hopes of answering questions that get asked often. i also want to give a big HUGE 'thanks SOOO much' for those who have emailed & appreciate my work!! your support & encouragement truly means so much.

on that note, i also would like to say that i most certainly am not, nor will ever be, the guru of photography. ha! far from it! the answers below are a mere reflection of what i have experienced & how i have done things. i know i sure wish i had been able to ask more questions & have some answers when i first got started,,, so if it helps someone just an itty bit, than my heart is happy!

and with that said, here we go!

Q from Lisa :
i have been practicing photography for a while now & am curious as to what you would suggest as to how to take it to the next level?

A from Ksen :
in my opinion, #1... keep doing what you are doing by constantly taking photographs! shoot, shoot, shoot! i feel that one of the best things about being in the photography world is that you are, & will always be, learning. there are sooo many things to keep you motivated & pushing yourself to be the best you can be. definitely don't ever get discouraged and just keep shooting, experimenting & practicing! another idea is to find a photographer that you can intern and/or work with, as well. when i was in college, i opened up the yellow pages & called every photographer in my area. i ended up working for a couple of them & although their styles were different from mine, i learned something incredibly valuable from each of them.

~ ~

Q from Sheena :
Ksen - I don't remember quite how I found your blog, but I subscribe to it and watch you as a fellow photographer. I was curious if you used any filters / special techniques for the bright colors in your photographs. I love your work!

A from Ksen :
thank you! as for how i get the bright colors in my photographs, i actually just push the 'S' curve a bit to give everything more pop. i do not use any filters for it. i also loooove to shoot raw & wide open with prime lenses which helps me achieve the richest color tones!

~ ~

Q from Laura :
do you think it is a good idea to enroll in photography classes at night?

A from Ksen :
yes! taking a class that sounds interesting to you can never ever hurt. the first thing that came to mind is just enrolling in a photography class at a local Community College. College photography classes are such a great way to dig in & get a ton of questions answered, all awhile learning so much. definitely do not stop shooting & learning by experience, as well. however, along the way you might find that some questions come up that you need help answering, which is where a class would be incredibly helpful. even just one!

~ ~

Q from Ann :
The reason I'm contacting you is I'm an inspiring photographer and just recently booked my first wedding shoot and a few e-sessions and I was wondering if you could give me a few pointers. Your E-sessions look so fun and relaxed. You do such a great job capturing the couple for who they are. What's your secret? How do you make them feel so comfortable, relaxed, full of life in front of the camera and not so cold and clammy because they have this big black thing pointing at them. Also if you don't mind me asking, what type of lenses do you use most frequently during your e-sessions and at weddings? I know your very busy but any answers you could provide would
aaaand because i feel that every post looks better with a photo, here is a sweet moment between my precious nephew, Daniel, & his Nana (my Mom).
TOOO cute. ...his blog post is coming up next!

i have always said that one of the best parts of photography is how everyone's story is different, but so many are driven by passion. i can definitely assure you that the questions above were answered to the best of my ability & most certainly driven by passion!

with much heart & gratitude,

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