Wednesday, 2.24.10

sooooo.... as promised from last week's post, below are some more of my topTOP faves from my work travels for Ciao Andiamo!


i must take a teeny-tiny moment to interrupt this post with a few pics of the newest love. of. my. life,,,

my precious nephew Daniel Luca Stella!!! born on Monday, February 22nd at 7:39pm weighing 7lbs 12oz & 20&1/2"!

he wasn't even an hour into this world when i took these photos below of him with his proud Mom & Dad,
my sister Olga, & brother in-law, Dante (who you may also remember from this post).

isn't he the sweeeetest little thing??! i can't stand it! of course,,, more pics to come soon!

aaand,,, now back to this regularly scheduled post. textures, places & all things Italy that i *heart* so!

an early morning in Venice :

a peek into just one, of the many, fantabulous stores in Florence :

Jon Pollock, of Ciao Andiamo waiting patiently as i do my thing. it is SO hard not to stop every 3 1/2 seconds to take a photograph of something, especially in Italy!!!

l i g h t :

i do believe the clouds were actually painted into the sky that day...

on the road :

i *heart* Filippo Lippi! of course, this is not his original artwork, but quite magical none-the-less :

yes, please!

i know i had posted this image on a previous post,,, but looking at it takes me back to a time i used to sit on the Arno, sketch, laugh, read, & watch the sunset with my friends. looking at this image brings light into my heart :

there IS artwork everywhere you look :

italian tablecloth art :

' when i close my eyes '

..olive trees!

the mood & perspective in this image makes my heart flutter ~happy~ :

more artwork by the fabulous Carlotta Parisi:

do you see the cross in the distance?

cappuccino break :

every day we get this gift of immense LOVE & LIGHT,,, literally. it so bright & larger than life -- so how is that we can sometimes ignore it or take it for granted???!

love, love & love :

" tuscan sunset "

and of course,,,

***however, if you would like to connect to the gallery immediately, simply CLICK HERE!***

(remember,,, passcode is : AFRICA! )

wishing you a very happy "wednesday's whimsy"!

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